Food Supply Chain

Duration Time 13 weeks
Certificate no
Lessons 0
Course features
Elective course
Credits : 5
RE&D Department
Lecture Hours : 5
Autumn semester
Course Content

The course deals with issues of food supply-chain planning and operation. Main focus is on the strategic role and the current trends in supply chain management, on the enhancement of customer satisfaction, on the application of quantitative methods for modeling and solving complex management problems, such as policy issues, market structure and international trade, as well as the introduction of novel technologies (e.g. telematics and RFID).

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles, the structure and the core components of food supply chain management with a special emphasis on designing and application.
  • Manage modern tools and techniques to plan, operate and audit supply channels, as well as the purchase and storage of food.
  • Recognise the parties involved in agri-food supply chains
  • Understand and evaluate new technologies (e-logistics) in food SC (telematics, RFID).
  • Evaluate the drivers and make strategic decisions concerning outsourcing

Course Layout  (EN)

Course Layout (EL)

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