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Soldatos Peter
Former Faculty
Laboratory of Agribusiness Management
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Professor Peter Soldatos is a member of the Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education and the Director of Postgraduate Studies in Agribusiness Management of the Agricultural University of Athens. He is an economist by education, teaching Financial Mathematics, Investment Appraisal, Strategic Planning, and Financial Analysis in his University.

Professor Soldatos has received his basic education in Athens, (Athens University of Economics and Business) and later he studied at the University of Birmingham, where he was awarded MSc in National Economic Planning and PhD in Economics. He worked as Research Fellow in the University of Birmingham and contributed to the Project planning the UK Energy Sector: “The Birmingham Energy Model”. Later he undertook the position of Corporate Planner in British Gas for one year until he returned to Greece to undertake the same post of the Commercial Activities in a major Greek Business Group. Since 1986 Peter Soldatos is a Professor of the Agricultural University of Athens.

His research concentrates in the fields of energy economics and policy, evaluation of energy crops, cost analysis, water desalination, and the appraisal of agro-industrial projects. He has extensively published in the fields of energy economics, costing of biomass, appraisal of conventional and renewable sources of energy with emphasis in electricity generation, the production of biofuels and the integration of systems of renewable energy chains. He has contributed in several books and has published a large number of articles in international scientific journals, such as Energy Policy, Energy Economics, Economics of Planning, Desalination, Biomass and Bioenergy, Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining,etc.

Some of the most important research projects that he has coordinated or collaborated as partner are: :

BEAVER - Models for the Economic Evaluation of Biomass Cultivation as an Alternative Land Use in the EU (AIR3-CT93-0985),

ACE - Large Scale biomass cultivation for energy in the EU: Evaluation of long-term impact on farm income, employment and the environment, (RENA-CT94-0059),

BIOCHAINS - Bio-energy chains from perennial crops in South Europe (NNE5-2001-00081),

ADIRA – Autonomous Desalination System Concepts for Sea Water and Brackish Water In Rural Areas with Renewable Energies (ME8/AIDCO/20001/0515/59610),

4F CROPS, Future Crops for Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuel (FP7-KBBE-2007-1).

Projects websites:
www.mba.aua.gr, www.adira.info, www.ip.aua.gr, www.entrep.aua.gr, www.bee.aua.gr www.abc.aua.gr

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