Duration Time 120 days
Certificate yes
Lessons 0
Course features
Compulsory Course
Credits : 8
RE&D Department
120 days workshop
Spring Semester
Course Content

The Internship for the students of the Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development is required.

The Internship has a total duration of four (4) months (120 calendar days including weekends), of which at least fifty (50) calendar days must take place outside the AUA.

The students, when carrying out the Internship in a private company, must certify the existence of a graduate agronomist, economist or other related subjects with those of the Department.

The Internship always takes place between the examination periods June and September (ie in July  August and September) for the 6th and 8th semester students.

Internship can be fulfilled throughout the academic year only by students who have completed the 9th academic semester.

Students carry out their Internship in Laboratories of the Agricultural University of Athens, in Departments of the Ministry of Rural Development & Food or other Ministries with related subjects,, Public Institutes (i.e. “ELGO – DIMITRA” in Business and Organizations of the Private Sector.





Internship Certification

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Exclusive deadlines for submitting applications for the internship fee