Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development

The primary aim of the Department is to promote knowledge and to educate scientists specialized in research and in tackling problems connected with the economic, social, political and environmental dimension of a viable rural development within the framework of European integration. The special characteristic of the Department is that it combines areas of expertise derived from both the sciences and the humanities.
The agro-technical knowledge is essential for the evaluation of management intervention at the level of agricultural enterprises and the economic value of general measures of agricultural policy. On the other hand, decision-making and the formation of policy of an agro-technical nature are not possible without the knowledge of the principles and mechanisms of economics.
Vision & Objectives

Agricultural Museum

The Agricultural Museum was founded on 29-3-2005 for the main purpose of serving the educational and research needs of the Department of Rural Economy and Development and other departments of the Agricultural University of Athens.
Emphasis on developments of agronomic research and science in the areas of technology, economic structure and structural, social and cultural characteristics.
Organizing exhibitions, lectures, publications, conferences, educational and research programs and related events
The promotion of scientific research in the above fields, and the coverage needs of teaching and research at undergraduate and postgraduate of our Department and other departments and research and educational institutions.
Cooperation with other university departments, museums, foundations, research and education bodies and agencies of domestic or foreign, which have the same or similar purposes.

Director: Professor Stavros Zografakis

Contact person: Evrydiki Spyropoulou – Special Technical Laboratory Staff – Tel: 210 529 4956, e-mail:

Documentation Center for the History of Greek Agriculture

Director: Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos – Laboratory and Teaching Staff,, Tel.: +30 210 529 4994, e-mail: