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Pappa Eleni
PhD Student.

PhD title: The establishment of Agricultural Extension service(s) in Greece based on the Farming Systems approach.

Supervisor: Koutsouris Alexandros, Professor

Supervising committee: Bilalis Dimitrios, Professor AUA, Vlachos Georgios, Assistant Professor

Rural areas can be considered as dynamic, complex and multi-parameter systems. In this respect, the PhD dissertation aims to utilize the systemic approach of rural areas in order to explore the emergence of an optimal advisory structure. Taking into account the conceptual framework of socio-ecological systems (SES), in which the Farming Systems approach belongs, the dissertation aims at, on the one hand, the identification of the necessary parameters/variables and indicators to characterize the local socio-ecological system and its subsystems and, on the other hand, the identification of the pathways of knowledge production and diffusion systems as well as of the endogenous innovation production and utilization mechanisms in the study area. Methodologically, the research makes use of both qualitative and quantitative approaches that have been used to identify and analyze socio-ecological systems (soft and hard methodologies) while taking into account all the actors involved (multi-actor approach).