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Skaltsa Ioanna
Laboratory & Teaching Staff

Ioanna Skaltsa holds a degree in Horticulture from Aristotle University of Athens, a MA in Landscape Design from Sheffield University, UK, a diploma in Pedagogical Studies, from the School of Pedagogical & Technological Education (ASPETE) and a Certificate in Counseling, Life Coaching and Mentoring, from the University of Aegean.

Between 1998-2018 she coordinated the establishment of AUA’s following structures: Career Services Office (CSO), Center for the promotion of employment and career (ΔΑΣΤΑ) and Structure for the support of young entrepreneurship at AUA, where she worked as Project Manager and Career Advisor.

Since 2018 she belongs to the teaching and research staff of the Laboratory of Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Systems & Rural Sociology, where she is also a PHD candidate.

She has long experience in coordinating and participating in European Programmes, in career counselling and mentoring students and young graduates of AUA and in facilitating workshops on competences and personal development, using experiential and participatory methods, inside and outside the classroom (outdoor education).



Her research interests are amongst others in the field of professional mindset and competences development of the modern agronomist agent of chance, transformative learning, and participatory approaches in teaching, with emphasis on the experiential method and in outdoor education and nature connectedness.