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Smyrniotopoulou Alexandra
PhD Student.

PhD title: The effect of policy measures, land use changes and agricultural practices on landscape resilience. The case of Santorini’s agricultural landscape.

Supervisor: Vlachos Georgios, Assistant Professor

Supervising committee: Koutsouris Alexandros, Professor AUA, Kizos Athanasios, Associate Professor University of Aegean

Landscape is considered the result of the interaction between nature and society, as engraved on the land and perceived by people. Changes in environmental processes as well as human activities transform landscapes over time. In order to ensure a deep understanding of landscape changes, the driving forces that shape the change should be identified and analysed. The aim of this PhD dissertation is to explore landscape changes focusing on the resilience perspective, as both landscape and resilience are at the interface of society and nature and concern complex, dynamic socio-ecological systems. The study will identify the factors that influence actors’ decisions as well as how farmers’ management strategies are adjusted to pressures exerted by, on the one hand, policy incentives and, on the other hand, various economic, social and cultural factors. The case of the vineyards on the island of Santorini, taken as both a production system of superior quality products and a landscape of scenic value, will be explored.