Plant Physiology

Duration Time 13 weeks
Certificate no
Lessons 0
Course features
Elective Course
Credits : 5
CS Department
Lecture Hours : 3
Lab Hours : 2
Spring Semester
Course Content

Aim of the course is to introduce and explore the physiology of the vascular plants. In the first unit, are discussed the plant functions and their coordination in the plant organism. The second unit, aims to the understanding of the basic functions –photosynthesis, transpiration, cellular respiration, plant nutrition- which are the basic knowledge for upcoming courses.

The next unit, deals with the transport mechanisms, the internal coordination via hormonal signals, and the coordination of the plant organism with the environment, via the perception of external stimuli. The last unit, refers to the interactions between plants and other organisms.

Main goal, is to investigate and understand the defense mechanisms of the plant species against pathogens and/or other enemies, with special mention to the secondary metabolites, that play a crucial role.

Along with the laboratory classes and assignments, the learning outcomes of the course, are the understanding of the basic plant organism’s functions, the way the plant coordinates with the environment, and the way it can survive and defense against the external threats.

All the above mentioned subjects, are important and form the basic knowledge both for agronomical applications, the course of phytopathology, and for the development and production of bioactive products.

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