Rural Environment Protection Policies

Duration Time 13 weeks
Certificate yes
Lessons 0
Course features
Compulsory Course
Credits : 5
RE&D Department
Lecture Hours : 5
Lab Hours : 0
Autumn Semester
Assistant Professor
Course Content

The course has as its main aim the comprehension of the principles, objectives, the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation procedures as well as  students’ acquaintance with institutions, mechanisms and instruments for policy making for the management and protection of the environment in the rural space.

Other objectives of the course include the familiarisation of students with the varying definitions of the notion for the environment, the distinction between ecological and environmental problems, the evolution of approaches towards environment and nature across the ages and among the different political, social and cultural strands of thought and worldviews.

Finally, through the integration of environmental care within the rural policy framework, students form an all encompassing idea of institutions, regulations, measures and incentives through which public, private and social actors,  intervene in favour of the natural and human made  environment in the rural space.

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