Management of Agricultural Enterprises II / Farm Management II

Duration Time 13 weeks
Certificate yes
Lessons 0
Course features
Compulsory Course
Credits : 5
RE&D Department
Lecture Hours : 5
Lab Hours : 0
Spring Semester
His research interests focus on the analysis of economic results of agricultural activity and the investigation of economic viability in agricultural production and especially in complex problems of animal production.
Laboratory & Teaching Staff
His research interests are in the fields of Agricultural Economics, with emphasis on ffarm management.
Course Content


This course is a continuation of the FARM MANAGEMENT I.

In particular, this course completes the technical and economic resister  and analysis of farms function and analyzes the decision-making process on farms.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Has understood the meaning of technical and economic resisters and analysis of farm function, to calculate the respective financial/economic results and production costs, in these cases and especially to understand their importance for the technical and economic function of farms,
  • understand the decision-making process on farms and will use the corresponding methods / tools on real farms.

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